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Cardboard Bales


Recommended for baling cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and more. 

Synergy West stocks and delivers all sorts of bale wire for all sizes of baling equipment. Synergy sets the local standard for expeditious wire delivery and only stocks the highest quality wire product for your downstroke and horizontal baling needs.


Synergy buys and sells pallets of all material types and sizes. Contact us for your pallet needs.


Horizontal Baler for Plastic Bales

Single Loop Bale Wire

A high-quality solution specifically designed to provide a dependable and cost-effective method of securing bales of recyclable materials. It is a versatile option that is compatible with various types of baling machines and equipment. The looped end of the wire enables quick and easy insertion, ensuring a secure and firm hold. Its durability and strength make it a reliable choice for use in recycling centers, waste management, and other industrial applications.

Auto Tie Bale Wire

Auto Tie Bale Wire

 A durable and efficient solution designed for automated baling machines used in recycling facilities and waste management. It is specifically engineered to provide secure and reliable bundling of various materials. With its advanced automatic tying capabilities, this wire simplifies the baling process, increases productivity, and ensures consistent and tightly compressed bales for easy transportation and storage.

Pallets for Sale

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Recycling & Waste Solutions.

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